On average, women and children in developing countries walk 6 kilometers, or 3.7 miles, to collect clean water.

Over treacherous terrain, these women and children spend hours traveling to water sources often full of deadly bacteria and parasites. A child dies about every minute from lack of clean drinking water. Water-related illnesses keep mother and fathers from work and children from school.

With a Filter of Hope™ filter, these women and children can filter over 150 gallons of water a day. The filters last at least 10 years and require little maintenance. That’s enough water for multiple families to have access to clean drinking water.

Clean drinking water means mothers and fathers don’t have to miss work and kids don’t have to miss school. It create opportunities to break out of the cycle of poverty.

While it would be easy to just donate $40 in order to give a family clean drinking water, running for hope can create an even greater impact. As you run, you are not only getting to experience the physical hardships people endure while collecting water, you are also getting to represent people around the world who need clean drinking water.

Sharing on social media and telling people you know that you are running for clean drinking water creates more awareness than simply donating online by yourself. You get the opportunity to invite people into what you are running for whether it’s through them donating or running with you!

Why do we run? We run for clean water and hope!


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